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Why Hushkit?

The Case for Hushkitting Your Gulfstream II and III Aircraft
Unrivaled class, power and reliability, comfortable cabins and large windows – this is what business and private jet operators have in Gulfstream, the trademark of the finest aircraft ever built. No other aircraft compares to Gulfstream in terms of quality, service and support, and high-altitude performance. And there is no comparable aircraft available today that can be purchased and operated as economically as a Gulfstream II, IISP, IIB or III.

At Hubbard Aviation Technologies, we know about Gulfstream quality, reliability and value. We have owned a GV, GIVSP, GIII and GII, and while all are wonderful airplanes, our GII and GIII serve our corporate needs at a significantly reduced overall cost.

It is true that the GIV and G450 are more fuel efficient, and in terms of maintenance, cost less per hour to fly; however, if you consider the full cost of these aircraft, including the cost of money and insurance, you will find that it is significantly more economical to own and operate a GII or GIII.

We believe that now is the time to plan to keep these wonderful airplanes flying. A Stage 3-compliant airplane is important today, and will become even more important in the coming months and years. A growing number of airports are imposing curfews and in some cases outright bans on Stage 2 aircraft, and Federal legislation outlawing Stage 2 aircraft will soon be enacted.

Gulfstream is a company that has always backed its aircraft, and they have pledged to support Stage 2 and Stage 3 airplanes far into the future. With their support, and the installation of a hushkit conversion system, you can look forward to flying your GII or GIII for years to come when and where you want.

Hubbard Aviation Technologies manufactures a superior hushkit conversion product, the QS3 Hushkit system, for Gulfstream II, IISP, IIB and III aircraft. The installation of a QS3 Hushkit will upgrade your aircraft to meet Stage 3 requirements without any operational restrictions. That means you can take off at max gross weight, with no adjustments to flap settings, and no reduction of EPR. In addition, a modern cascade-style thrust reverser is an integral part of all QS3 Hushkit systems.

An investment in a good GII or GIII with a QS3 Hushkit is a smart decision that will allow you many years of reliable, Stage 3-compliant, and economically sensible flying.

Stanley S. Hubbard
Chairman and CEO