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Stanley E. Hubbard, a self-trained pilot and aviation pioneer, took his first flight in 1916 at Buckeye Lake, Ohio. In 1919, he started the Kentucky Aviation Flight Company – one of the first commercial airlines in the country – and founded Hubbard Field in Louisville.

Stanley moved to Minnesota in 1923, where he managed to combine his career in aviation with another new technology – broadcasting. In 1924, he launched WAMD radio in Minneapolis, the first station in the country to use aircraft for news gathering.

Hubbard Broadcasting, Inc. grew to include both radio and television stations, and Stanley E. Hubbard turned the company over to his son, Stanley S. Hubbard. Continuing the tradition of innovation and advancement of technology, Stanley S. Hubbard expanded the broadcasting business with FM radio, color television, satellite news gathering, and the launch of the first high-power direct broadcast system, U.S. Satellite Broadcasting (USSB), which later merged with DIRECTV to form the world's largest DBS company.

Stanley S. Hubbard inherited more than his father's broadcasting business – he inherited his father's love of aviation. A pilot himself, Stanley is also the owner of several Gulfstream airplanes and was an early investor in hushkit technology. He outfitted his GIISP with a prototype hushkit designed by Stage III Technologies, and was so impressed with the product, he bought the intellectual property and built a company to manufacture and market it. That company is Hubbard Aviation Technologies, and the product is the QS3 Hushkit.