FAA Certified


The QS3® Hushkit System has been engineered to meet the high standards of discriminating Gulfstream® owners. With its integrated design and superior performance, the QS3 Hushkit matches the quality and reliability of the world's finest business and private jet aircraft.


"The G3 with the Hubbard devices just departed PTK...WOW! The departure was comparable to a G4 departure and maybe quieter. Many observers commented, including an experienced Hawker 800XP Captain, who said 'That is quieter than my aircraft!'" -Scott Beale, CEO, Aerodynamics Inc.


To learn more about the innovative design and operational efficiency of the QS3 Hushkit, please select Innovation. See a copy of our STC under Stage 3 Certification. For the results of our FAA testing, and to see how a hushkitted Gulfstream performs, click on Performance. Refer to Installation for details on manufacturing and installation of the QS3 system.

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