FAA Certified


No Operational Restrictions
Gulfstreams outfitted with the QS3 Hushkit meet the Stage 3 requirements without any operational restrictions. That means the airplane can take off at Max Gross Weight with normal flap settings and no reduction of EPR.

Extensive calibrated testing confirmed the engine performs exactly the same at all settings with the QS3 Hushkit installed.

In-Cabin Noise Reduction
An additional benefit of the unique cascade-style thrust reversers is the decrease in noise levels within the cabin of the aircraft. Our reversers are 41% more efficient than the OEM target-type units, resulting in the striking noise reduction and a marked increase in passenger comfort. Test results confirmed our observations, see the results by clicking here.

Noise Certification

Noise Level Standard Approach Limit Sideline Limit Flyover Limit
Pre-Huskit Stage 2 Levels 102.0 dB 102.0 dB 93.0 dB
Required for Stage 3 Certification 98.0 dB 94.0 dB 89.0 dB
STC Validated GII Noise Levels 96.5 dB 95.7 dB 82.6 dB
Stage 3 Exceedance1 none 1.7 dB none
Cumulative Levels Measured Stage 3 minus 6.2 dB

1. Maximum Exceedance allowed is 2 dB at any one point; cumulative Exceedance must be zero or less.